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| Ricky, retail sales manager at Scabal. |

Scabal is a store selling handmade suits designed in Antwerp and manufactured in Italy, and it is one of the world’s most exclusive cloth makers. Despite the fact that they do not offer bespoke tailoring services, the brand resonates with luxe and out of the ordinary lifestyles. For seven years now, Ricky Sahota has been managing anything that happens behind the doors of Scabal’s store located on 12 Savile Row. Easy-going and down-to-earth, Sahota is the kind of person to put you at ease right away. 


Tell me a little bit about your professional background.

I left college when I was 17. My first job was on Carnaby Street. I stayed there for two years until I joined a store on Bond Street. They were selling a lot of Versace, Hugo Boss and Canali suits. From a financial point of view, the store did very well. My experience allowed me to apply for a position at Scabal, and that was seven years ago.


What kind of energy Scabal brings to Savile Row?

The fact that we offer a more commercial service to our clients, we are 24/7 available for them. They can call or text at 3AM in the morning and we will be ready to help them. It’s because we have a range of very interesting clients from head of corporate to head of states, industry people and financials. We also bring a lot more colours and a younger feeling, for example, we make blue jeans which are woven on a single shuttle loom.


Do you remember the first suit you purchased?

It was a Hugo Boss grey. It looked like a wedding suit, it had silver buttons. And big shoulders, big, big shoulders of the 90s.

Interview: Pierre A. M.

Photography: Gaetan Bernede

Gieves & Hawkes Spring Summer 2015.

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