The Godson.
Al Pacino brilliantly portrayed Don Michael Carleone in Francis Ford Copola's God Father trilogy. Based on Mario Puzo's novel of the same name, the iconic motion pictures immortalised style, and were infused with an inimitable sartorial aesthetic. The following story is our reinterpretation of New-York City's most infamous Sicilian vilain. The descendant of the Carleones is a Scabal aficionado, and has enough charisma to flaunt the luxurious brand.

Photography: George Naylor
Creative Direction: Pierre A. M.
Style: Giovanni Luigi Bordone
Model: Mathis Wagenbach @ Elite London
Special Thanks: Joe Woolfe and Ricky Sahota
Nº 10 Dege & Skinner
Nº 13 Richard Anderson
Nº 15 Henry Poole & Co
Nº 16 Norton & Sons
Nº 19 Maurice Sedwell
Nº 39 Gaziano & Girling